Monday, June 15, 2009

Farmer jailed for ‘grotesque’ horse cruelty

James Gray, a horse trader from Amersham, has been convicted for severe animal abuse at his farm. When the RSPCA visited the Spindles Farm in January last year, they were disgusted by what they found; 32 dead bodies of horses and the horses that were alive were in terrible condition. They were standing in small stables up to their ankles in their own waste due to insufficient cleaning. On later occasions the RSPCA discovered other carcasses. The horses that survived were removed from the farm, 115 in total. The judge has sentenced James Gray to 24 weeks in jail and 400.000 pound to compensate the costs they made to rescue the horses. Apart from that, the members of Gray`s family were convicted for certain charges too. The wife and two daughters were sentenced to pay respectively 750 and 500 pounds and they all have to do 150 hours of community service. James`s son, who helped his father with the horse trading, cannot keep any horses for 10 years and will be under supervision for 18 months.

Reaction to Farmer jailed for ‘grotesque’ horse cruelty

This story really got to me. I love horses and to read that someone would treat them in such a manner is disgusting en horrifying. Horses are incredibly friendly animals, much more so than dogs or cats actually. They are 10 to 20 times bigger than us, and still they do things for us and let us ride their backs. They can easily kill us if they want to, but that is not in their nature, instead they are frightened of us and when they trust us they will only be more kind. Knowing this makes it even more upsetting that this man treats his horses in such a way; hurting them, letting them starve to death, making them stand in too small and dirty stables. Therefore I think that 24 weeks in jail is not nearly enough, 24 years would be better.

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