Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blubby Marvel (Hollie`s Tears)

It was a very exciting night for little Hollie Steel when she was in the semi finals of Britain`s Got Talent. The 10 year old girl had made it through the first rounds and planned to amaze the audience by singing Edelweiss. Sadly, after one minute she forgot the words to the song and began to cry. The pressure became too much for her. When she was told that there was not enough time to try again, she was devastated. Luckily, thanks to Simon Cowell, she was allowed to have another go after the commercial break. She definitely nailed that second performance, moving the judges to tears. It even led her to the finals, opposite Susan Boyle! Simon called her “officially the bravest girl in the world.” What Hollie did not know is that one of the viewers was in fact her grandfather, whom she has never met! When Hollie`s grandmother was pregnant with Nina (Hollie`s mother) she and her grandfather separated and he never knew that she had had his baby. He has now stated that he would love to meet Hollie, but that he should first contact his daughter Nina.


This incident proves that children should not be in television shows such as Britain`s Got Talent. I think the reason for Hollie`s black-out was that she could not handle the pressure of it anymore. There are so many people that expect something of her and that have an opinion about her now, that is just not healthy for a little girl like her. Also, it is not just Hollie that was too young; Shaheen (12), Lagi (13) and Aidan (12) should have all been rejected from the show. This is a programme for adults and they should not allow children to compete in it. Not only because it could harm them, also because it is unfair to compare children with adults. They are very cute and they are still developing their skills and their voice. You cannot give an objective view on the amount of talent then. Therefore there should be a minimum age of 16 to enter Britain`s Got Talent.


  1. I don't agree with you. It's just a game and even children should get used to it that you can't always win it. It's a bit harder to deal with when you're that young and when you are in front of so many people, but it's something you know from the moment you start with it. Susan Boyle is 47 and she collapsed as well, because the pressure was too much to handle. So where do we swing the lead if 47 isn't the correct age either to participate?

  2. I also do not agree with you. These children only participated on Britain’s Got Talent because their parent registered their children. My opinion is that parent should know their child and are able to make the decision if a child can perform on television or not. It is very sad for Hollie that she had a black out but I have seen other children on different television programmes who could handle the pressure. What about Bianca Ryan? She won as an eleven year old girl the final of America’s Got Talent and she is now well-known all over the world and can definitely handle the pressure!