Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reaction to "six year old son stayed with his murdered father`s corpse all night"

It is traumatic for a child to lose a parent in any case and especially when a parent is murdered. However, this is unimaginable. The little boy must have been in absolute shock after this happened and then he spent the rest of the night all alone with his father’s corpse. I hope this boy will receive good help and that he will recover from this. I also hope that the murderers will be found and that they will be sentenced to prison. The 4 men that were seen near the house might have something to do with it, because they have not contacted the police yet.

Six year old son stayed with his murdered father`s corpse all night

On February 11th a 36 year old man was murdered in his home. After David Currier was stabbed to death in front of his son`s eyes, his son stayed with his body all night. The 6 year old boy was found by his father`s corpse in the kitchen of their home the next morning. The hypothesis of the police is that David was trying to stop burglars who broke in and that they killed him. Four men were seen near the house and the police is trying to track them down. To find the killers, a 10.000 pound reward has been offered by the West Mercia Police.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The struck-off teacher tells her side of the story

In December 2008 the General Teaching Council for Scotland ruled that Susan Bernard cannot work as a teacher anymore in the United Kingdom. The reason for this is that she is incompetent as a teacher, according to the GTCS. She was accused of treating pupils in a wrong way, being a bad colleague and bringing the children in danger. Susan reacts to this by saying that she was bullied by her fellow teachers, because she is a middle aged woman and not Scottish. According to Susan this was the cause of what went wrong in the classroom. She also denies bringing the children in danger, damaging their education and other allegations in that order that were made against her.


After reading this article I started to sympathize with Susan Bernard. I believe that she was bullied and that some of the allegations against her were untrue or exaggerated. At every school and in every group of people there is an underdog and sometimes that gets out of hand. Maybe in Susan`s case she had a part in it as well, because she has had this problem at different schools. The reason for this could be that she is just not cut out to be a teacher. I hope that she finds another job soon and that she can move on with her life.