Monday, June 8, 2009

The bride thought he said ‘I do’, but the groom didn`t

When Mr Leigh asked his girlfriend Ms Hudson to marry him in 2003 he could not have imagined what it would lead to. The slightly ‘odd’ couple, her being very religious and him being an atheist Jew, lived in Africa at the time. They had met in The UK and decided to have two wedding ceremonies; one religious marriage in Africa and, later on, a civil marriage in The UK. That was the plan in any case, but shortly after the ceremony in Africa the couple separated. Leaving the question;“Are they married?” A High Court Judge has now ruled that they were not, and therefore the wealthy Mr Leigh is not obliged to pay Ms Hudson any money, aside from child support for their four year old daughter. He came to this conclusion because there were three important phrases missing; lawful wife, lawful husband and lawfully married. The judge said that all three parties, the priest, the ‘bride’ and the ‘groom’, must have known that this was not a lawful marriage.


What a manipulative woman, that Ms Hudson! I definitely agree with the judge`s ruling in this case. Ms Hudson would have been very gullible to believe that this marriage was legal. Even though she did say:“I give you this ring as a sign of our marriage” she should have noticed that there was no mention of lawful bride, lawful groom and lawfully married. I do not believe that she is that ignorant, therefore I think she knew perfectly well that this was no legal wedding ceremony. She probably just wanted to get as much money as possible out of this relationship, which lasted for 12 years. I do understand that it would feel unfair to live with someone for such a long time and be left empty handed. He is very rich and successful and she has probably gotten used to that lifestyle in the period of time that they were together. But that`s life.

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