Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jamie Pugh is a star!

Although he does not believe to have a great voice and thinks that he cannot be a star, the audience knows that Jamie Pugh has a real chance of winning Britain`s Got Talent. With the song "Bring Him Home" he touched many people and made everyone look forward to his next performance. Jamie, however, is extremely nervous about that. “I`m a wreck – I`m not a star”, he says, “I have to appear on a TV show and I`m dreading it”. Luckily Jamie has the full support of his girlfriend Donna, who convinced him to audition. After Jamie`s wife died ten years ago, he had to raise their son by himself. Four years ago he found true love again in his Donna, who helps him to face his fears and prepare for the next performance. The big question is off course; will he beat Susan Boyle? If he is able to get the words out on the show at all, he just might!

Reaction to: “Jamie Pugh is a star!”

I have never watched Britain`s Got Talent, because I do not like to see people that make a fool out of themselves. However, I do like to watch clips of the really good performances, such as Jamie`s audition. His insecurity is very imaginable, because he has never sung in front of a large audience before. It must be very frightening to get all that attention and that people have such high expectations of you. Moreover, the fear of success is very human. People often think that we are afraid of failure, but success can be terrifying too, because it gives us a certain responsibility. I really hope that Jamie will conquer his stage fright and keeps on singing. It does not matter if he sings as a hobby or becomes a professional singer, as long as he enjoys it!

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  1. I do hope that when he sings his voice will not be influenced by his nerves. I have not seen his performance, but I think that it might be possible for him to beat Susan Boyle. Still the most important thing, for him, is to enjoy what he is doing.