Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reaction to "six year old son stayed with his murdered father`s corpse all night"

It is traumatic for a child to lose a parent in any case and especially when a parent is murdered. However, this is unimaginable. The little boy must have been in absolute shock after this happened and then he spent the rest of the night all alone with his father’s corpse. I hope this boy will receive good help and that he will recover from this. I also hope that the murderers will be found and that they will be sentenced to prison. The 4 men that were seen near the house might have something to do with it, because they have not contacted the police yet.

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  1. It is very traumatic for the boy.
    If you think back at the identity classes we got what will become of this boy? How will he every function in society? I do hope that he will receive good help and get rid of all the hatred within him. Good reaction to a very sad story.